Photo by E. Farnsworth

An independent filmmaker since 1967, John Knoop has produced twenty of his own films, including: Awakening from Sorrow, River out of Time, Report from Iraq, El Nuevo Amanecer, Cafe Nica, Shadow Master; Mother, Memories of the Hunt, World’s Fastest Hippie and Sea of Cortez.  
Knoop has also been an active cinematographer whose documentary credits include: In the Light of Reverence, Voices from Inside, Maria's Story, Poison in the Rockies, The Highly Exalted, Louie-Bluie, N is a Number and Down Wind Down Stream.

John Knoop’s life and filmmaking experiences are described on this
website with an interplay of film clips, still photos, and excerpts from
his book,
Fault Lines: A Nomad Filmmaker's Journal.


John Knoop Remembered on PBS News Hour

John died in his sleep on January 12th, 2017.

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